What’s Nollywood?


nwp_graph_filmprodNollywood is the colloquial name given to the Nigerian film industry. Nigeria produces roughly 1,000 films on average per year. This puts them right below India’s Bollywood and above USA’s Hollywood, making them the second largest feature film producers worldwide!

is nollywood more like hollywood or bollywood?

Neither. Nollywood is the youngest of the two (born circa 1992) and uses innovative forms of financing and production. Now its in adulthood, bigger productions and studio backings have become more regular however this was not always the case. Although movie theatres were a scarcity in Nigeria during this period, original stories were not. Despite lack of funds and experience, self-made directors begin using commercial video cameras to shoot their movies and sold them on formats for home viewing. Even though this resulted in movies with low production value, the original stories instantly made them a hit. Today, the film industry is the largest employer after agriculture and makes up 5% of Nigeria’s GDP. Pretty amazing!

what types of films can i expect to see?

Everything. Nigeria is a big player in the industry and they are constantly improving their craft, taking on new challenges. Although comedies and dramas make up the most created and most loved films, you can equally find horror, period pieces, musicals, romance and shorts.

this sounds cool. what else should i know?

Sometimes heavily criticized for its over-dramatization and/or low production values, Nollywood continues to grow fans worldwide. Nigerian movies now make up 11% of Nigeria’s non-oil exports!

The average movie is produced in a span of 7-10 days on a budget between 7,000-12,000€ (Hollywood’s average is around 60€ million per movie with one year production time).

is there a cure for nollywood addiction?

At the time- no. But come to NollywoodWeek Paris and you will be among friends!

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