• Mother of George Closing Night Film, French Premiere

    Adenike and Ayodele, a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn, are having trouble conceiving a child – a problem that defies cultural expectations and leads Adenike to make a shocking decision that could either save or destroy her family.

  • Misfit French Premiere, Official Film Selection

    A psychological thriller about the liberation of a female victim of ritual abduction, assault and molestation. Based on a true story.

  • The Meeting French Premiere, Official Film Selection, Public Choice Award / Prix du Public

    A Lagos-based corporate executive finds himself at the mercy of political patronage, bureaucratic red-tape and his tender heart when he embarks on a one day business trip to Abuja to secure a government contract.

  • Journey to Self French Premiere, Official Film Selection

    Four childhood friends, Regina, Nse, Rume and Alex, receive news that another long time friend of theirs, Uche, has died. The ladies travel to Uche’s home in Abuja for her funeral and find that she has left a series of letters. The letters provoke her friends to open up on emotional baggage, as secrets and...

  • Half of a Yellow Sun French Premiere, Official Film Selection

    A period drama set in the late 1960s that brings together the lives of four people during the struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria. Based on the best selling novel of the same name.

  • Flower Girl French Premiere, Official Film Selection

    A romantic comedy in which an eccentric florist teams up with a movie star to push her life long boyfriend into proposing marriage.

  • Confusion Na Wa French Premiere, Official Film Selection

    Set in a Nigerian city Confusion Na Wa is a dark comedy about a group of strangers whose fates become intertwined over the course of 24 hours. At the heart of everything is a phone found by two opportunist wasters Charles and Chichi who, having read through its contents, decide to blackmail the owner Emeka....

  • vendredi 6 juin/Friday June 6 20:30

    English with French subtitles  |   2013   |   94 mins  |  Romantic Comedy  |  synopsis

  • vendredi 6 juin/Friday June 6 18:15

    English with French subtitles  |  2013  |  91 mins |  Psychological Thriller  |  synopsis

  • vendredi 6 juin/Friday June 6 16:00

    VOST  | 2013  |  105 mins  |  Dramatic Comedy | Synopsis

  • vendredi 6 juin/Friday June 6 13:30

    VOST  |  2012  |  132 mins  |  Satirical Comedy | synopsis

  • vendredi 6 juin/Friday June 6 10:00 - 12:30

    Mini-workshops on Production, Distribution and Marketing of films in the new digital era. Please apply for accreditation to have access to this event

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